People of Tremp,
people of good will.
Popular Catalan proverb

e invite you to make the Hostal your starting point to get to know the whole of Pallars with your family. A few minutes drive from Tremp, Pallars Jussà and Pallars Sobirà are within easy reach.

Discover the beauty of the lakes of the Pre-Pyrenees, medieval castles, such as Mur or Llordà, try your luck at Sort, go on excursions to the Boumort nature reserve … lots of tourist attractions await you from La Canonja.

La Canonja is located in Tremp, the largest municipality in Catalonia. A city of less than 10,000 inhabitants and located in the north-western part of Catalonia, halfway between the Pyrenees and the Plain of Lleida. Tremp is the economic engine of Pallars Jussà and its capital. Therefore, it has a whole series of unique services for all the counties of the Alt Pirienu, such as the Hospital del Pallars or the Judicial Game of the Pyrenees. In this way, it is an ideal place to live with a very good quality of life and surrounded by a unique natural environment.

What to do in Pallars

La Canonja team have made a brief selection of the best tourist attractions in the area.

If you have any questions about how to book any activity, we will help you:

Places to visit


The focal point of the tourist information of Pallar Jussà. 80 m 1 minute walk.

Bridge of Sant Jaume

The Tremp Bridge. 400m 2 minutes by car.

Swamp de Sant Antoni

A spectacular lake at your fingertips. 8.1km 10 minutes by car.

Shops Museu Salàs

Inside some shops with a lot of history. 8.3km 10 minutes by car.

House Mauri i Molí d'Olí

The modernism of La Pobla de Segur. 14km ​​13 minutes by car.

Swamp Terradets

Enjoy the immensity. 15km to 13 minutes by car.

Cretaceous Park in Isona

A museum full of dinosaurs. 18km to 17 minutes by car.

Castle of Llordà

The medieval castle of the Conca de Tremp. 24km to 23 minutes by car.


A charming village. 21km to 24 minutes by car.


A medieval village. 30km to 24 minutes by car.

Gerri de la Sal

A very salty village. 27km to 25 minutes by car.

Castle of Mur

A medieval castle with imposing walls. 19km to 26 m by car.

Montsec Astronomical Park

Don't miss a star. 33km 29 minutes by car.


Find your way to La Bruixa d'Or. 40km to 33m by car.

La Vall Fosca

A Pyrenean valley of glacial formation. 36km to 34m by car.

Congost De Mont-Rebei

Discover this magnificent place. 32km to 45m by car.

La Seu Vella

The favorite monument of the Catalans. 87km to 1h11m by car.


A village full of adventure. 55km to 46m by car.

Pont de Suert

An attractive town very close to Aragon. 51km to 53m by car.


The gateway to Aigüestortes National Park. 74km to 1h10m by car.

Orcau I El Seu Castell

Dinosaur site and medieval culture. 12km to 46m by car.

Sant Climent De Taüll

The Romanesque church par excellence. 72km to 1h13m by car.

Serra de Boumort

Exceptional to enjoy the plant and fauna biodiversity. 51.1km to 1h19m by car.

Aigüestortes National Park

The most recognized national park in Catalonia. 82km to 1h21m by car.

Activities to do

4x4 for the Pallars

Get into the Pallars in a powerful 4x4.


A unique sports activity where you will end up well refreshed.


Enjoy visits to different wineries and also taste craft beers from the Pallars.


Corners of the Pallars full of snow.

Downhill Skiing or Snowshoeing

Discover glacial lakes and valleys.

Traditional Fairs and Markets

Find out what the next trade show in the area is.

Hot-air balloon

An eagle-eyed activity.

Kayak and Paddle Surf

Water activities on local lakes.

Rafting in La Noguera Pallaresa

An exciting activity in a unique natural setting.

Horseback riding routes

Walks through unique natural environments for the whole family.

Bicycle routes

Adventure in the corners of the Pallars by bike.

Motorcycle routes

Drive along the winding roads of the Pallars.


Discover a spectacular natural setting.


Enjoy one of the oldest sports.

Via Ferrata

For lovers of adventures at a good height.

A privileged setting

The Pallars is a historical territory of Catalonia, which in the county division of 1936 was subdivided into the counties of Pallars Sobirà, with its capital in Sort, and Pallars Jussà, with its capital in Tremp.

The Pyrenees region of Pallars Jussà is crowned to the north by high mountains that give it a rugged relief, with deep valleys of great beauty. It include a large part of the plain of the Noguera Pallaresa River basin, Flamisell and the plain of the Conca Dellà. A region full of traditions and fairs that will surely surprise you very positively during your visit.

El Pallars Sobirà is a high mountain region located in the heart of the Pyrenees. To the north it’s surrounded by peaks close to 3,000 meters and is crossed by the river Noguera Pallaresa. Its natural richness stands out, with the Aigüestortes National Park and Sant Maurici Lake. In this region is the largest lake in the Pyrenees, Certascan, and the highest peak in Catalonia, the Pica d’Estats. The region has a great offer in the field of active tourism and is considered the starting point center of adventure sports.

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